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2016 Chinese New Year

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2016 Chinese New Year

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Dear friends:


Hello! In the Spring Festival , all the staff of Huaxiang extend their cordial greetings and sincere thanks to you with gratitude. Thank you for your love and support to us in the past year!


In 2016, Huaxiang completed a very important step: the company's positioning was upgraded from a blister manufacturer to a smart device manufacturer. Since its establishment, Huaxiang has adhered to the corporate tenet of "people-oriented, keeping up with surprise" and the central idea of ​​"focusing on breakthroughs", deeply cultivating the enterprise market, and thus established a complete research and development, testing, production and marketing service team.


And Huaxiang 's quality management guarantees the high standards of daily work, coupled with the tireless pursuit of "focus, extreme, fast", Huaxiang is well prepared to enter the field of automation equipment. The change in the development direction of the enterprise conforms to the inevitable trend of the rise of intelligent manufacturing under the background of Industry 4.0, and also responds to the country's call for vigorous development of the Industrial Internet +.


As the needs of industry users have become more diversified and refined, Huaxiang has expanded its product channels. In addition to providing customized equipment for domestic customers, overseas sales equipment sections have also emerged, and together with the automation industry, Huaxiang has formed a rich product system. , Will bring more intelligent and customized product solutions for industry users.


In 2017, customer satisfaction-oriented Huaxiang always adhered to the role of a caring manufacturer, in order to reward users who trust us with excellent product quality and better service. Maybe it is not perfect yet, but we have been Constantly working.


Looking back, we are full of pride;

Looking ahead, we still have a long way to go.


In the future, all my colleagues in Huaxiang will continue to wholeheartedly bring a better service experience to our users. Users are also welcome to correct our opinions so that we can continue to improve. Finally, I sincerely wish Huaxiang 's friends and family in the new year


Good health and good luck!

                                                                                                              Huaxiang Machinery

Happy Chinese New Year 2017

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