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HX-800 Plastic Box Sticky Box Machine

HX-800 Plastic Box Sticky Box Machine





Model / parameter HX-800
Packaging style Plastic box
Work efficiency 5000-8000 pcs / hour
Sticky box length (mm) 20-1000
Sticky box width (mm) 70-800
Required air pressure (Mpa) 0.6
Power (kw) 5.5
power supply 220V
Weight (kg) About 2000
Size (mm) 6200 * 1400 * 1100


product description
Plastic box gluing machine is also known as plastic box gluing machine, plastic box gluing machine, plastic box brushing machine, glue sticking machine, is a professional glue box PVC / PET / PP plastic box machine. Instead of the traditional manual glue machine, the glue effect is completely transparent.
Feature description
01. Simple operation, stable performance, no scratches and no whitening.
02. Can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the size of the plastic box,
03. Automatic hemming, automatic glue application, saving labor and significantly improving efficiency.
04. It is completely transparent after bonding, and the bonding strength is completely fused together.
05. No glue is needed for bonding pp box, hot air automatically bonding. The principle of high-point negative ion technology and five micro-laser technology.
06. Adhesive PET plastic box, using electronic sensor, spray device, only when the plastic box passes, the glue will be sprayed, which is very glue-saving.
07. Adhesive PVC plastic box is perfect, the size can be adjusted arbitrarily, the operation is simple, economical and practical.
08. Use PVC hot-melt adhesive to glue PVC / PET / PP plastic box completely transparent.
09. The self-developed PUR system uses a high-precision heating device, which has the characteristics of strong sealing, long holding time, and reduced waste of PUR glue.
10. After practical tests, the PUR hot-melt adhesive that has not been used up that day can be stored for 15 days in a sealed container and continued to be used, which greatly improves the usage rate of the glue.
11. The control system has a parameter memory storage function, and the glue spraying parameters of each plastic box can be automatically saved for the next transfer, saving time during the adjustment. 
Sample / application range
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