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product description:

Imported heating materials, Nissan high-temperature adhesive tapes and high-quality copper nails are used to make various bakelite molds, which have the characteristics of uniform heat generation and good sealing effect, and can be applied to various types of plastic disc packaging machines and automatic chain machines. Cards and blister heat-sealable packaging.


Mould use:

It is used to package exquisite toys, stationery, daily necessities, cosmetics, industrial products and hardware products, small tools, etc. It is sealed into a beautiful transparent coat to try to make the packaged items show various advantages at a glance.


Sample: paper card + blister, heat-sealed.




Bakelite model sex:

1. Bakelite mold materials must be 8407, 635, SKD61 materials, which require good quality and hardness at high temperatures. 

2. The bakelite mold is easy to wear, so it needs to be heat treated to about HRC60, which means that the hardness of the tool is similar. Of course, if the amount is not large, it is also possible to use NAK80-type pre-hardened steel, HRC40 or so.
3, the particularly easy to wear place is the glue point, so the glue point is best made of inserts, inlaid with white steel or black steel. Of course Wugang is the best, but Wugang is fragile and can only be processed by wire cutting or grinding. Replaceable inserts are made for easy replacement after wear.
4, because the mold is to be heated, it is necessary to add a heating tube or heating sheet.
5. In order to prevent the heat from being taken away by the injection molding machine when heating, it is necessary to add a heat insulation plate on the upper and lower panels, which can be asbestos or bakelite.
6. Due to the thermal expansion of the heating mold, in order to prevent the mold from being stuck, the guide post and the guide sleeve of the mold are looser than the plastic mold.
7. Bakelite molds are easy to stick, so they must be made smooth, and the surface of the cavity is plated with hard chrome. The top surface must not be textured. If the top surface is large to smooth, there can also be some pattern decoration.
8. The steel used for bakelite molds is not the same as plastic molds. The top and bottom plates of the mold must be covered with a layer of heat insulation plate
9. Bakelite is a thermosetting material. The temperature of bakelite powder is 100 degrees in the barrel, 160 degrees at the gate, and 180 degrees in the mold. Bakelite injection molds need to be heated to 160 degrees before injection, so a heating tube is required .
10. bakelite mold steel and plastic molded about the same, either heat ﹑ 8407 ﹑ S136 SKD61 heat treatment, but the most important is the mold must be polished to a # 2000 abrasive paper and then hard chrome plating, to prevent sticking mold, the mold must be heat jerk The product is produced by heating the rod.


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Required equipment:

Bakelite can be applied to various types of plastic disc packaging machines, as well as automatic chain machines, used for heat-sealing packaging of paper cards and blister shells. 



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