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HX-5KET-15KET PLC Automatic Turntable High Frequency Welding Machine

HX-5KET-15KET PLC Automatic Turntable High Frequency Welding Machine


Model / parameter HX-5KET HX-8KET HX-10KET HX-12KET HX-15KET
Packaging style Double paper card + blister, double paper card + double blister double paper card + blister
High frequency power (KW) 5 8 10 12 15
Input power (KVA) 8 15 18 20 25
Oscillating tube 7T85RB 7T69RB E3069RB 3130RB 8T85RB
Pressure (T) 5 10 10 15 15
Stroke height (mm) 100 100 100 100 150
Upper pole size (mm) 200 * 350 300 * 500 300 * 500 400 * 500 400 * 600
Lower pole size (mm) 300 * 500 300 * 500 300 * 500 400 * 500 400 * 600
Electric rectifier Silicon diode
Electrode interval (mm) 200
power supply 50 / 60HZ AC380V 3P
Welding time (seconds) 1-10
Capacity < 360 times / H
Frequency (MHZ) 27.12MHZ
Note: machine related specifications can be customized according to customer requirements


product description
PLC control, memory can be stored
High-accuracy splitter, automatic disc (optional robot). Screen and silk screen printing (optional multi-color screen printing) microcomputer control system, high frequency and screen printing can work together or independently, combined with a variety of industrial production processes, greatly reducing processes, improving product quality and efficiency,
It is an ideal equipment with comprehensive cost performance.
Suitable for sealing packaging of double-sided blister, environmental protection material of APET, PETG, GAG, blister paper card packaging, toothbrush sealing packaging
Feature description
1,1, NL-5557 fire protection electronic tube protection device, to minimize the damage to the mold and products;
2,3-5 stations are optional, the stations automatically rotate and work alternately, and can be equipped with mechanical hands instead of manual feeding and reclaiming
3, European standard coaxial high frequency resonator automatically cuts off the high voltage protection oscillation tube and rectifier when the current is too high.
4, equipped with high-frequency frequency stabilizer and high-frequency shielding device to minimize high-frequency interference;
5, set manual adjustment mold, four-corner level adjustment, easy mold adjustment;
6, can automatically complete the secondary welding process, improve work efficiency;
7, using international standard industrial band;

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