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HX-50A Chain Blister Packaging Machine

HX-50A Chain Blister Packaging Machine


Model / parameter HX-50B
Packaging style Paper card + blister, double paper card + blister
Packaging area (mm) 500 * 300
Stroke height (mm) 150
Number of molds 12
Packing speed 3 seconds / time, 20 times / minute, 1200 times / hour
power supply 220V 50HZ
Weight (T) About 1T


product description
This machine is a high-efficiency continuous sealing and packaging machine. The cylinder drives the chain to transfer multiple sets of molds to the heating zone to seal and package. Through uninterrupted sealing and delivery by robots, a large number of packages are completed.
Feature description
1, the chain is rotated up and down to convey, cycle operation, continuous and fast;
2. The conveying table has 9 sets of mold stations, and each set of mold stations is the packaging size. When it reaches the heating zone, the positioning is accurate without any deviation;
3. The pressure plate in the heat-sealing area is reinforced with a 5 cm iron plate, and the support body is stable and solid.
4. The manipulator sucker system accurately and accurately sucks the finished product delivered from the heating zone, automatically pushes it onto the trackless cylinder slide, and falls into the finished product area, saving time and efficiency;
5. There are two manual / automatic action modes, which can be selected according to the size of the product and mold when working, which is convenient and practical. .

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