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HX-660A Robotic Cup Making Machine

HX-660A Robotic Cup Making Machine




Model / parameter HX-660A
Adapt to material PP, PE, PET, HIPS, GPPS
Forming specifications (mm) 330 * 680
Sheet width (mm) 330-680
Sheet thickness (mm) 0.3-2.0
Forming depth (mm) 170
Productivity ≤18-28 times / min
Heating rated power (KW) 100
Motor power (kw) 11
Air consumption (Mpa) 0.6-0.8
Water consumption (L / min) 3000
Total weight (T) 5




Stacked Cup Robot



Model / parameter Stacked Cup Robot
power supply 220V
Motor power (kw) 2.2KW
Use air pressure (mpa) 0.6
Air consumption (m³ / min) 0.6
Speed ​​mode PLC
Weight (KG) 800KG
Manipulator size (mm) 1520 * 8500 * 2200
Assembly line size (mm) 2990 * 870 * 1380


product description
Mainly suitable for the production of various jelly cups, beverage cups, packaging boxes and other container products.
This machine is equipped with stacking cup manipulator, assembly line conveyor and receiving rack, which has the advantages of high automation and fast production speed.
Different products can be produced by installing different molds to achieve one machine for multiple uses.
Feature description
1. The action of clamping, stretching and forming of this machine is controlled by advanced hydraulic and pneumatic technology;
2. The whole machine has the characteristics of stable pressure, reliable and powerful action, high efficiency and energy saving;
3. The heater uses a flush-in ceramic far-infrared radiation component, which has high thermal effect and is safe and reliable;
4. Wide range of uses, stable operation, low noise, reliable working performance and high grade of finished products;
5, low center of gravity design, low cup height, stable operation, in line with the best height for human standing operation and observation,
6. The combination of frequency converter fixed-length film feeding, high control accuracy and quick start-stop response. The error of each film feeding does not exceed 0.05mm, which plays a role in saving sheet material;
7. Adopt "Siemens" PLC control to ensure higher precision of each operation of the whole machine;

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