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Vacuum pump


product description:

German Rigel (Weili) vacuum pump, the ultimate vacuum can reach 0.1mbar, is dedicated to plastic molding.



Product Features:

Standard motor direct drive;

Compact and lightweight

Smooth and quiet operation, no special fixing or damping device required


Flow: 50-1535m3 / h
Ultimate vacuum: 0.1mbar
Product application area: Vacuum forming.


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1. Low noise and vibration, the working environment will not be affected.
2. Built-in high-efficiency oil mist filter, the exhaust gas does not contain oil mist.
3. It adopts air cooling, but the larger vacuum pump is equipped with a cooling air pipe. The fan lubricates the lubricating oil in the air pipe to improve the cooling effect.
4. Strong air extraction, the ultimate vacuum can reach 0.01mbar (1Pa).
5, built-in check valve and gas ballast valve, can prevent the pump from reversing after shutdown to cause oil backflow and avoid high-vacuum environment, the water vapor in the air is compressed and condensed into water points, resulting in emulsification of lubricant deterioration.


Liqile vacuum pump maintenance operation:
1. Maintenance schedule
Vacuum pump maintenance intervals are based on each customer's work environment. You can shorten the maintenance interval according to your actual usage, especially in dusty work environments.
Ⅰ Daily maintenance: Check the oil level and oil color.
Ⅱ Maintenance items every week: Check the vacuum pump for oil leakage.
Ⅲ Monthly maintenance: Check the function of the exhaust filter, and clean or replace the intake filter if necessary.
Ⅳ Maintenance items every 6 months: check the vacuum pump pump cavity for dust, dirt, carbon deposits, and clean the vacuum pump pump if necessary
Cavity; cleaning fan hood, fan wheel, ventilation grille, cooling fins.
Ⅴ Annual maintenance needs: Replace the exhaust filter. Clean the intake filter. Clean or replace the paper filter.
Ⅵ Maintenance every 500-2000 working hours: Please change the vacuum pump oil.


Rietschle vacuum pump parameters:



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