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Heating brick



product description:

Also known as far-infrared ceramic heating brick, it uses a high-emissivity glaze layer and sintered ceramics with good thermal shock performance. It is the core device of the heating module of a plastic machine.


Product features:
1. Base body: composed of ceramic material with good thermal shock resistance;
2. Heating property: fired from high-quality nickel-chromium alloy wire;
3. Glaze layer: metal oxide with good radiation performance Raw material composition;
4. Add appropriate amount of additives to improve radiation intensity and enhance the adaptability of the glaze.
Fourth, the main technical parameters and performance of the product
1. The substrate's flexural strength is 440Kg / cm2;
2. The element resistance at room temperature is the reference resistance
3. Chemical Good stability and strong corrosion resistance; (good effect of oxidation resistance);
4, non-radiation surface heat loss during use is small;
5, the substrate is heated to 800 ℃ and placed in cold water repeatedly dozens of times without cracking;
6, the radiation element Heating up to the rated power after power-on, immersed in cold water forty times without damage;
7. Radiating element radiation rate is greater than 0.9;
8. Energy saving effect is obvious, which can be increased by 10-25% compared with silicon carbide element;
9. Service life is longer than carbonized element Several times longer




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Arranged in the blister heating furnace, pre-heated for 3 minutes to make goods, customized for blister



This heat brick is customized for our company's plastic machine and applied to the heating system of our factory. It can realize variable frequency control and save electricity and environmental protection.


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