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CKD various solenoid valves

CKD various solenoid valves



product description:
 Electromagnetic valve (Electromagnetic valve) is an industrial device controlled by electromagnetics. It is an automatic basic component used to control fluids. It belongs to actuators and is not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic. Used in industrial control systems to adjust the direction, flow, speed and other parameters of the medium. The solenoid valve can be used with different circuits to achieve the desired control, and the accuracy and flexibility of the control can be guaranteed. There are many kinds of solenoid valves. Different solenoid valves play a role in different positions of the control system. The most commonly used are check valves, safety valves, directional control valves, speed regulating valves, etc.


Pilot operated multipurpose valve

AP11 / AP12, AD11 / AD12 series
more fluid control solenoid valve 2
is suitable for a variety of fluid such as air, water, gas, oil, vacuum control solenoid valve or the like
of the kinds of rich
with liquid bearing material portion, Various options, such as coil housings, etc.Multiple
 series types are available
depending on the piston type, diaphragm type, connection diameter, hole diameter, operating pressure, etc.

Pilot Operated 5-Way Solenoid Valve

● Inherit the excellent DNA of the acclaimed high-quality 4G series

● Perfectly inherit the 4G series design concept and manufacturing technology, and improve the convenience of selection and the corresponding capacity of delivery.

● Small space-saving, suitable for controlling air pressure valve of cylinders with a cylinder diameter of Φ80 or less

Two-position five-way first conductive magnetic valve

4F2 / 4F3 / 4F4 / 4F5 / 4F6 / 4F7, M4F2 / M4F3 / M4F4 / M4F5 / M4F6 / M4F7 series of
 wide field of application through the valve 5
 can be driven up to the inner diameter Φ250 cylinder
effective cross-sectional area of 7.5 ~ 160mm2
 using creamy way valve
may be Long-term use, low power use, and high environmental resistance (air impurities).
Various types of monomers are available
. The metal base is integrated.


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