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HX-1000 Air pressure and Vacuum Forming Thermoforming Machine - Four station

HX-1000 Air pressure and Vacuum Forming Thermoforming Machine - Four station





Model / parameter HX-1000
Adapt to material PP, HIPS, OPS, PET, PVC, PE, ABS, PSP
Vacuum forming area (mm) W1000 * L1200
Pressure forming area (mm) W800 * L810
Forming depth (mm) max.150
Forming speed (cycles / min) 4-15
Sheet width (mm) 640-1040
Sheet thickness (mm) 0.1-1.8
Forming power (kw) 15  
Feeding horsepower (kw) 15
Clamping force (T) 40
Electric furnace specifications (kw) Up and down double furnace type 195KW
Electric furnace control 83 groups temperature control switch + PLC
Operation method PLC + can store 300 groups of settings
Mechanical size (mm) L7100 * W2150 * H3050
Mechanical weight (kg) About 13000


product description
It is a plastic forming equipment that collects and sends tablets, heating, forming, punching, punching, stacking, recycling of waste coils, and crushing at one time. Only one person is required to pack into the box, and the product is safe and sanitary without secondary pollution.
Feature description
01. Patent clamping device, automatic adjustment
02. Chain base width buffer design, no card chain caused by insufficient heating of the sheet
03. The heating adopts upper and lower ceramic heating plates, SSR, calculus PID temperature control
04. Nodular cast iron is used for the forming seat, which can better exert the high pressure of clamping.
05. Suitable for real and compressed products, PP, HIPS, OPS, PET, PVC, PE, ABS, PSP ... and other food and industrial packaging.
06. PLC humanized operation, quick mold change, 300 modules can be memorized
Punching part


Cutting size (mm) W1050 * L1350
Cutting height (mm) max.150
Cutting stroke (mm) 220
Cutting speed (times / minute) 30-75
Cutting pressure (T) 5
Motor power (kw) 7.5
Film removing device 2kw servo motor
Feeding device 1kw servo motor
Mechanical size (mm) L2750 * W2240 * H2980
Mechanical weight (kg) About 5000


01. Cooperating with the forming machine for punching and counting collection
02. Servo control is accurate and fast
03. The eccentric shifts on a straight line and moves with high torque and low noise
04. Two-stage feeding for convenient control of modulus and times
05. Fast mold change, easy operation with PLC & humanized touch screen
06. Suitable for cutting PP, HIPS, OPS, PET, PVC, PE, ABS, PSP, etc.
07. Equipped with a waste collection rack, automatic recovery of material pieces, convenient for labor saving
08. Equipped with crushing and recycling machine, waste recycling and crushing, saving manpower space and time
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