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Focus on the production of blister machines, etc.



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Blister machine (also known as thermoforming machine) is a machine that absorbs heat-plasticized PVC, PE, PP, PET, HIPS and other thermoplastic plastic rolls into various shapes of advanced packaging boxes, frames and other products. By using the vacuum suction generated by the vacuum pump, the thermoplastic plastic sheets such as PVC and PET after heating and softening are blistered into various shapes of vacuum covers, blister trays, blister shells, etc. through a mold.


Chinese name
Also called
Thermoforming machine


Advanced packaging and boxes, boxes and other products
Machine introduction
Principle of blister molding machine: blister molding is also called thermoplastic molding. This molding process mainly uses the vacuum suction generated by a vacuum pump to soften the heating.
The PVC, PET, PETG, APTT, PP, PE, PS and other thermoplastic plastic sheets are vacuum-molded into various shapes of vacuum covers through molds, or adhered to the surface of products of various shapes. Blister is divided into thin sheet and thick sheet according to the thickness of the sheet.
The main structure of the machine is composed of feeding, pulling, upper and lower electric heating furnaces, lower gates, multifunctional adjustable sizes, lower mold discs, upper molds, upper gates, knife gates, slicing, putting tablets, and vacuum equipment ;
The common products of thick film blister are: household appliances, outer shells, luggage, display rack accessories, decoration, car interiors, bumpers, fenders, beauty equipment, light box shells, toy car shells, industrial panels, advertising light boxes, Blister LOGO, bathroom products, refrigerator liners and more.
main application
Plastic packaging industry (blister packaging, plastic, batteries, toys, gifts, hardware, home appliances, electronics, stationery, decoration)
Food packaging industry (fast food boxes, fruit trays, biscuit boxes)
Pharmaceutical industry (pill packaging, tablet packaging)
Industrial cooling tower deflectors, etc.
Three-dimensional relief pattern for decoration, plastic ceiling, siding, automobile materials, sanitary equipment and other manufacturing industries.
Suitable for producing various color sheets: polyethylene PS, polyvinyl chloride PVC, plexiglass, ABS, polymethyl methacrylate; flocking sheet; environmentally friendly sheet APET, PET, PP, etc .; photodegradable materials; biodegradable Materials and other plastic products.
Molding technology
Blister molding technology, that is, plastic sheet (plate) material thermoforming processing technology, is one of the plastic secondary processing industrial technologies. It is different from the one-shot processing processes such as injection molding and extrusion. It is not hot-molding for plastic resin or pellets or continuous molding with the same cross-section as the die; nor does it use machining tools such as machine tools and knives to cut some plastic materials Next, get the required shape and size, but heat the plastic sheet (plate) material, use the mold, vacuum or pressure to deform the sheet (plate) material to achieve the required shape and size, supplemented by supporting procedures to achieve the application purpose.
Vacuum forming equipment includes clamping system, heating system, vacuum and compressed air system and forming mold.
main feature
⑴ Product specifications are adaptable. The plastic molding method can be used to make extra large, extra small, extra thick, extra thin products. Sheets can be as thin as 1 ~ 2MM, or even thinner. To a few square millimeters, the wall thickness can be as large as 20mm and as small as 0.1mm.
⑵Products are widely used in blister packaging for daily necessities, blister packaging for small hardware, blister packaging for automotive products, blister packaging for electronics, blister packaging for food, blister packaging for cosmetics, blister packaging for computer peripherals, blister packaging for toys, sports Blister packaging, stationery blister packaging, etc.
⑶ less equipment investment
⑷Convenient mold manufacturing, (gypsum mold, copper mold, aluminum mold ~~~~)
⑸High production efficiency.
(6) Save raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, convenient transportation, good sealing performance, meet the requirements of environmental protection and green packaging; can pack any special-shaped products, no additional buffer material is required for packing; the packaged products are transparent and visible, and the appearance is beautiful, which is convenient for sales And suitable for mechanized and automated packaging, convenient for modern management, saving manpower and improving efficiency
Forming type
Single male mold forming: Single male mold forming is also called convex mold forming or bending forming, vertical forming. It is a molding method in which a plastic sheet heated and softened is shaped into a certain shape by using a machine.
Single negative mold forming: Single negative mold forming is also called concave mold forming.
Counter-molding: The mold for counter-molding is composed of male mold, female mold, fixture and other accessories.
Blister samples
 Blister tray: material PVC, PET, PP, PS
     Special types: PS soft foam blister, positioning printing blister, flocking blister

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