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Blister mould

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Blister mould

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Blister mould


Plastic mold refers to the mold used in the production of plastic . The lower cost is the plaster mold, followed by the electroplated copper mold, and the more expensive aluminum mold. A small hole is drilled in the mold, which is used to vacuum adsorb the heated hard film to form a blister product.




The gypsum mold is mainly made of yellow plastic gypsum powder. If drawings are provided, the gypsum material will be completed by milling machine and hand mold according to the drawing data and requirements. If the real object is provided, the real object will be completed by manual mud first. The contour is vacuum formed into a vacuum cover, and then the gypsum mold is returned and the mold is modified; it takes about 2-4 days; the gypsum mold is easy to make and the time is short, which is conducive to the modification of the product packaging. The price is lower, but The durability is low. After a period of use, it is more likely to be damaged and the transparency of the products produced is poor; it is mainly applicable to products with low first board confirmation and low transparency requirements.
The rubber mold is usually made according to the product design requirements. After making the gypsum mold, the vacuum cover is produced with the gypsum mold. The special high temperature resistant resin material is injected into the vacuum cover. After the mold is completely dry, drilling and grinding are completed; It takes 3-5 days; the price of resin mold is higher than that of copper mold and gypsum mold, but the use degree is equivalent to copper mold, and it is more durable. It can solve some technical problems that copper mold and gypsum mold cannot handle, such as water pattern on the product wall. This kind of mold can have better results; it is mainly applicable to products with special requirements such as electronics, toys, medicine, food, automobile boutique ...

Imported heating materials, Nissan high-temperature adhesive tapes and high-quality copper nails are used to make various bakelite molds. They have the characteristics of uniform heat generation and good sealing effect. They can be applied to various types of disc machines, Taiwan-made push-pull machines and automatic chain machines. Heat-sealing packaging for paper cards and blister.

Electrolytic copper mold

According to the product design requirements, after making the plaster mold , a vacuum cover is produced with the plaster mold. The vacuum cover is placed in the electrolytic cylinder. When the surface reaches 5-8MM thick, the mold is injected into the plaster, the vacuum air holes are injected, and the surface of the mold is polished. It is smooth and ready to use; it takes about 3-5 days; it is a metal mold, so it is more durable. The appearance and transparency of products produced by this mold are better; The first choice of mold; mainly suitable for electronics, toys, stationery, cosmetics, automotive products, and other high-demand products.

Alloy aluminum mold


According to the provided drawings or templates, a program is issued through programming software such as CAM, which is processed by a CNC machine tool, and then other manual production such as blowholes and undercut positions is completed, and the mold can be polished and smoothed. For special requirements, spray Teflon or sandblast. Made of aluminum materials such as ZL401, 6061, and 7075, this type of mold has high accuracy and the profile and angle of the product are beautiful, and the durability is very high. The price is also the first of the four types of molds; it is mainly suitable for electronics , Gifts , toys, medicine, stationery, and other products with high appearance and size requirements; in fact, aluminum alloy molds are the first choice for high-volume and high-demand blister production. Compared with plaster molds , copper molds, and rubber molds, Durable, time-saving and power-saving, high production efficiency and extremely low reject rate.

Heat mold


The heat-sealing mold is made of high-quality copper or aluminum alloy, which is mainly used to solve the problem of high-frequency heat sealing of PET. The surface treatment is made of Teflon for PET sticky molds. The blanking pattern is computer-engraved. Requires customization of various patterns.

High frequency mould



The high-frequency mold material is high-quality crimping, the cutting blade is a laser blade, and the cutting edge is smooth without any burrs. The blanking pattern is computer-engraved, with clear lines and uniform size. Various patterns can be customized according to user requirements. It can be produced according to customer-supplied samples or drawings; it is mainly used for welding of double foam shells (PVC or PETG).

Knife mold



Mainly used for punching and punching (round holes, aircraft holes and butterfly holes)

Note: Regardless of knife molds and punching dies, molds for plastic production are the lowest cost plaster molds, followed by electroplated copper molds, and the most expensive aluminum molds. A small hole is drilled in the mold, which is used for vacuum adsorption of the heated hard piece to form a blister product.



The mold is the basic process equipment for the mechanical industry production and an indispensable tool for the production of industrial products. The performance of molds made of mold steel requires strict production process supervision. The raw materials for mold production must also be strictly controlled. Prevent defects such as heat treatment cracking caused by early failure of the mold due to material problems.

The control of the raw materials of the mold is carried out from the following aspects:
1. Macro inspection
The chemical composition is decisive for ensuring the performance of the steel, but the composition is qualified and cannot fully explain the performance of the steel. Due to the heterogeneity of the internal structure and composition of the steel, macro inspections have largely complemented this deficiency.
Macroscopic inspection can observe the crystallization of the steel, the damage of the continuity of the steel and the heterogeneity of certain components.
Standard "Map of Low Magnification Structure Defects of Structural Steel" GB1979
There are 8 kinds of defects in the macro: segregation, looseness, inclusion, shrinkage, bubbles, white spots, cracks, and folding.
2.1 Evaluation of annealed structure
The purpose of annealing is to reduce the hardness of steel and facilitate machining, and also to prepare the structure for subsequent heat treatment.
The annealed structure of carbon tool steel is evaluated according to the first grade rating chart of GB1298.
2.2 Carbide heterogeneity
Cr12-type bainite steel contains a large amount of eutectic carbides in the structure, and the carbide non-uniformity has a very important impact on the performance. Therefore, its carbide distribution must be strictly controlled.
All in all, because the production objects of the mold production plant and workshop are relatively cumbersome, and they are more or less single pieces and small batches, which brings certain difficulties to the formulation and management of mold production quotas. Equipment and technical quality are not the same. Therefore, when formulating quotas, we must find out appropriate methods to formulate advanced and reasonable man-hour quotas based on the actual conditions of our factory and workshops, in order to improve labor productivity.

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