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Blister sheet

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Blister sheet

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Blister sheet

Blister sheet is a plastic processing technology material. The main principle is that after flattened hard plastic sheet is heated and softened, it is vacuum adsorbed on the surface of the mold and formed after cooling. It is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising , decoration, etc. industry.
Chinese name
Blister sheet
Types of
Plastic processing technology materials
Vacuum adsorption on the mold surface
is widely used in
Plastic packaging, lighting
Sheets include
PVC, PET, etc.
Colorful and eye-catching effects
Commonly used sheet
Commonly used sheets include: PVC, PET, PP, PS, and flocking sheets, gold-plated sheets, and antistatic sheets based on this.
PVC: More commonly used blister materials, soft, tough, and malleable, can be made into transparent and various colors. Transparent PVC is often used to package electronics, cosmetics, toys and gifts.
PET (A-PET): Hard, good toughness, high strength, bright surface, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, transparent and multi-colored sheet. The disadvantage is that PET high frequency heat sealing is more difficult and the price is much more expensive than PVC. This material is often replaced by users who require high-end and environmentally friendly products;
PS: Low density (light weight), environmentally friendly and non-toxic, very good plasticity, poor toughness and brittleness, can not be made into transparent materials, so it can only be made into a base type blister, because it is easy to crack, such blister is not suitable for recycling;
PP: The material is particularly soft, tough, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and resistant to high temperatures. It is often made into packaging for catering appliances or other high-temperature products; shallow;
PET-G: Physical properties are similar to A-PET, but can be heat-sealed at high frequency. Its price is 80% more expensive than A-PET.
Material thickness classification
A. The thickness of ordinary thin blister is 0.14 ~ 5.0mm. It is mainly made of various materials and effects such as PVC, PP, PS (HIPS), PET (including APET and PETG), PE, BOPS and recyclable paper tray. Non-thermoformed plastic products such as hemming, folding, tri-folding, cylinder, folding box, heaven and earth box, high frequency, etc. are widely used in food, medicine, electronics, toys, computers, daily necessities, cosmetics and machinery hardware industries.
B. Special thick blister thickness is 0.14 ~ 8.0mm ———— It is mainly used for injection molding of various materials and effects such as PVC, PP, PS (HIPS), PET (including APET and PETG), ABS, PC, PE and PMMA Types of plastic products. The main products are refrigerator liners, advertising light boxes, merchandise display racks, pet cage chassis, rear-projection TV rear shells, and various mechanical panels. They can replace injection molding products and have low mold costs (only 1 in injection molds) / 20), short production cycle, short mold development time (usually only 3 to 5 days), etc.
The reason for not categorizing the types of materials is mainly to consider that there are some differences in the materials used for ordinary thin blister and special thick blister, but PVC, PP, PS and PET are all in these two types of blister products. Occupy a place, can be called the "Big Four Kings" of the family of plastic products!
The rigid PVC sheet has moderate toughness and is not easy to burn. Chlorine gas will be generated during combustion, which will have a certain impact on the environment. PVC is easy to heat-seal. It can be sealed with a sealing machine and high -frequency machine. It is the main raw material for the production of transparent plastic products.
PS rigid sheet has low density, poor toughness, easy to burn, and will produce styrene gas (a harmful gas) when burning, so it is generally used to produce various industrial plastic trays.
PET rigid film has good toughness, high transparency, easy to burn, and does not generate harmful gases during combustion. It is an environmentally friendly material, but it is expensive and suitable for high-grade plastic products. It is not easy to heat- seal, which brings great difficulties to packaging. In order to solve this problem, people laminated a layer of PVC film on the PET surface, named PETG hard sheet, but the price is higher.
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