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HX-18G PLC computer temperature control

HX-18G PLC computer temperature control





Model / parameter HX-18G
Adapt to material PP, PE, PET, HIPS, GPPS, PS, PVC
Forming length (mm) 710-1220
Forming width (mm) 460-710
Forming depth (mm) 150-200
Forming speed (cycles / min) 4-15
Sheet width (mm) 500-750
Sheet thickness (mm) 0.1-2
Machine power (kw) ≤40
Air consumption (Mpa) 0.6-0.8
Water consumption (m3 / h) ≤0.5
Size (mm) L7500xW1800x2700


product description
Huaxiang HX-18G blister molding machine is suitable for blister molding of stationery toys, hardware batteries, medical equipment, food daily use and other industries.
Feature description
1. Mitsubishi inverter numerical control pull-tab design, accurate pull-tab length saves material, effectively reduces production cost;
2.Increase the design of the vacuum cylinder, increase the vacuum strength, and have sufficient suction for difficult products;
3. The shaft diameter iron plate of the upper and lower mold cylinders is enlarged, and with automatic sealing function, the machine operates stably and accurately, and is powerful enough
4. The wind drum adopts an enlarged air nozzle, which has strong wind force, good cooling effect, and has an auxiliary effect on environmental protection materials;
5. The electric furnace is designed with internal and external stainless steel. 600W imitates German's own insulation cotton to generate heat and save electricity.
6. The heating furnace has the function of moving in and out, and it can adjust the speed and time, which is convenient for the plastic molding of sheets and difficult products;
7. The vacuum valve uses a two-way valve type, which works separately from the front and back to maintain the left and right vacuum heating suction, which greatly improves the product molding effect;
8. This equipment adopts "PLC" and solid-state relay with voltage compensation, and centrally controls the temperature on the computer screen;
9. The equipment has the function of spraying milk, which is convenient for demoulding and production.
The 18 series is the main product of the company. The main differences between 18A.18B.18G are the temperature adjustment method and the degree of automation. This series has similar specifications and slightly different configurations.
18G: All processes are set by PLC; 18A: Manual temperature adjustment, other actions are set by PLC; 18B: Temperature adjustment and time settings are all manually completed;

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