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HX-700 Automatic Blister Forming Machine

HX-700 Automatic Blister Forming Machine





Model / parameter HX-700
Adapt to material PP, PE, PET, HIPS, GPPS, PS, PVC
Forming length (mm) 460-760
Forming width (mm) 410-610
Forming depth (mm) 150-200
Forming speed (cycles / min) 4-15
Sheet width (mm) 450-650
Sheet thickness (mm) 0.1-2
Machine power (kw) ≤20
Air consumption (Mpa) 0.2-0.4
Water consumption (m3 / h) ≤0.2
Size (mm) L4200xW1200x2300


product description
This machine is a reduced version of the HX-18 series. It has the same function and small molding effect.
The molding area is 610MM * 760MM,
HX18 series is 710MM * 1220MM .
Feature description
1. Vibration demoulding, which can be adjusted arbitrarily between 0-9 times. Two moulds can protect the molded product from deformation and cracks during demoulding. Yi Cui's difficult-to-release products are the best choice for this machine;
2. The diameter of the cylinder of the lower die increases, which greatly enhances the balance of the lower die.
3. The surroundings of the electric furnace are made of high-precision sheet metal, with built-in thermal insulation cotton material to minimize heat loss, and are equipped with manual switches;
4. The beam is made of aluminum alloy. The pulling force is a double-row pointed triangular high temperature resistant gold chain. 6. The manual blower makes the products that the plate punching machine cannot punch on the plate, without deformation, damage to the mold, and saving electricity and materials;
5. Aluminum alloy stainless steel electric die plate, width can be adjusted arbitrarily, saving material
6. The machine is equipped with a delayed vacuum function;
7. The main configuration of this machine is imported from Japan and Germany. The machine has reasonable design, fine production and stable performance.
8. The whole machine uses 60 sets of digital display voltage regulators (with voltage regulator) for one control and one temperature control; the use of imported heating bricks has small temperature difference, fast temperature rise, power saving and durability;
9. The gas circuit of the whole machine is connected with imported copper pipes, which is durable and not easy to leak;
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