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HX-2224 Single Station Blister Board Making Machine

HX-2224 Single Station Blister Board Making Machine


Model / parameter HX-2224
Adapt to material PP, PE, PET, HIPS, GPPS, PS, PVC
Forming length (mm) 610
Forming width (mm) 560
Forming depth (mm) 150-200
Forming speed (cycles / min) 4-10
Sheet width (mm) 600
Sheet thickness (mm) 0.1-1.0
Machine power (kw) ≤15
Air consumption (Mpa) 0.1-0.2
Water consumption (m3 / h) ≤0.1
Size (mm) L1800xW1480xH1800


product description
HX-2224 Single-station blister forming machine punching machine is mainly used for sample trial production before large-scale production of products and processing and production of small blister products.
It has the advantages of low production cost, simple machine operation, small investment, and high return.
Feature description
1. The passenger structure is reasonable, the operation is convenient, the size is compact, it is easy to place and does not take up space;
2. Semi-automatic operation mode, simple and safe for all types of personnel;
3. The nail design is stable, and the special knife will release the mold faster;
4. The stroke of the upper and lower molds can be adjusted, with larger cylinders and linear guides;
5. Fixed cooling air system, the product cooling speed is fast, improve production efficiency
6. Customized vacuum pump, which is specially developed for this machine, and the product molding is fast and stable;
7. Temperature controller: 25 groups. One-control one-adjustable temperature control system ensures stable, accurate temperature of electric furnace, and facilitates production and processing of difficult products;
8. The main configuration of this machine adopts the original imported from Japan and Germany, the machine design is reasonable, the production is fine, and the performance is stable;

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