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HX-200 Cylinder Forming Machine

HX-200 Cylinder Forming Machine





Model / parameter HX-200
Packaging style Cylinder forming
Raw material width (mm) max.640
Forming diameter (mm) 27-200
Forming length (mm) 10-2000
Work efficiency  500-800 meters per hour (100mm as an example)
Accuracy ± 0.1mm
power supply 380V, 5KW
Weight (kg) About 800
Size (mm) 4200 * 900 * 1400


product description
Full-automatic cylinder machine: using intelligent human-machine interface operating system, full mechanical automatic production, servo motor drive, suitable for PVC, PP, APET, PETG transparent rigid sheet processing into round equipment
This machine is equipped with an electronic counter, which is fast and accurate in forming. It can pull 800 meters per hour (for 100MM example). The effect is good.
Feature description
1. Simple operation: the material does not need to be leveled and opened, the coil slitting and cutting machine is completed automatically, and the cylinder is formed at one time;
2. It has two functions of brush glue and ultrasonic welding, and can also be equipped with simultaneous punching function, which can be configured according to different user needs;
3. The diameter and length of the product can be set according to different specifications, and the hole can be automatically punched at the same time as forming, which is convenient for installing the handle;
4. Stable performance, the whole production process can be without glue;
5. Calculated according to the height of 200mm, it can produce up to 46 per minute, so it can produce about 20,000 in 8 hours;
6. Diameter (27-200mm) length (10mm-3000mm) can be adjusted.
7. Automatic cylinder machine is fully equipped with intelligent system, which greatly improves production efficiency.
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