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HX-4050A Gantry Four Column Three Side Folding Machine

HX-4050A Gantry Four Column Three Side Folding Machine


Model / parameter HX-4050A
Packaging style Card, elevator
Packaging area (mm) 500 * 300
Stroke height (mm) 150
Number of molds 1
Packing speed 4-6 seconds / times
power supply 220V 50HZ
Weight (KG) About 150


product description
The three-side hemming machine is an ideal device for hemming of plastic molded products. It is suitable for the three-side hemming of blister covers and plastic hard sheet products.
The three-sided heating plate adopts independent temperature control adjustment, so that the heating temperature on each side can be adjusted freely. The machine has a photoelectric safety protection function and a cooling device.
Can make your operation more secure, and the finished product is quickly cooled after hemming. It is widely used in card packaging in blister packaging.
Feature description
1. Gantry four columns, stable operation.
2. This machine is equipped with automatic leakage protection switch.
3.Taiwan oil-water separator protects the cylinder and battery valve for a long time.
4. Double-sided milling of the die makes the hem more close.
5. Adopt Korean linear bearings to make the machine smooth and smooth.
6. The latest electronic touch mold temperature control system to ensure accurate and uniform temperature
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