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Plaster mold

The price is for reference only. The mold is a customized product. The price varies according to the degree of technology and specifications.



product description:

Plastic mold refers to the mold used in the production of plastic. The lowest cost is the plaster mold, followed by the electroplated copper mold and the resin mold, and the most expensive is the aluminum mold. A small hole is drilled in the mold, which is used to vacuum adsorb the heated hard film to form a blister product.


Gypsum molds are suitable for proofing and small batch production; copper molds are metal molds that are more durable. The appearance and transparency of products produced by such molds are better; mold making prices are lower; resin molds are more expensive than copper molds and plaster tools, but The use degree is equivalent to that of copper mold, and it is more durable. It can solve some technical problems that copper mold and gypsum mold cannot handle, such as water marks on the wall of the product ; aluminum mold has high accuracy and the profile and angle of the product are beautiful and durable. The degree is very high, and the price is also the first of the four types of molds.


Gypsum mold:
mainly adopts yellow blister hand plaster powder; if drawings are provided, according to the drawing data and requirements, the gypsum material will be made by a milling machine and hand-made molds; if the real objects are provided, the real objects will be completed by hand mud first The contour is vacuum formed into a vacuum cover, and then the plaster mold is returned and the mold is modified; it takes about 2-4 days; the plaster mold is easy to make and the time is short, which is beneficial to the modification of the product packaging and the price is lower. However, the durability is low, and after a period of use, it is more likely to be damaged, and the transparency of the products produced is poor; it is mainly applicable to products with first board confirmation and low transparency requirements.


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Shenzhen Huaxiang Automation Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen, the earliest development of China's plastics industry. It is an industrial and trade integrated enterprise integrating R & D and production. The company occupies an area of ​​2,000 square meters. Taiwan's industrial technology can provide a series of packaging machinery and solutions for the entire production line, including mold customization, material supply, and finished product foundry. Customers throughout the country, exported to India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan and so on. !!


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